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LUNSTONE based in China excels at manufacturing stone countertops in quantity for multi-family apartments and hotels. We also are dedicated to research and development of new product lines for our customer's success. Your experience with Lunstone will be the most valuable one. Its extensive experience in the American stone market, customer-oriented style,as well as dynamic adaptation and compliance with different and various customer requirements, assure that quality standards are met for each project.

LUNSTONE maintains continuous hands-on quality control and on-site inspections throughout all phases of the production cycle. It has been building up its reputation by its constant commitments towards efficiency and punctuality in the delivery.

LUNSTONE, aiming to be your trustworthy, reliable and experienced cooperator in the field of stone finished products, emphasizes on Your Connection from China.

As a customer, you can communicate easily and conveniently in your time zone with a Lunstone in-USA owner without paying an extra penny, just like direct dealing with China.